Sound of Sweden Nero-TX

€ 89,00


The NERO-TX storage case is extremely powerful despite its small format. Thanks to its integrated high-performance battery, you can recharge the earphones up to 16 times, which gives a total playing time of a full 80 hours. The playtime on a single charge is +5 hours.

The case can also be used as a power bank via its USB outlet, which can be very practical when you are on the go and suddenly need to emergency charge your smartphone etc.

Airplane composite

NERO-TX is an all-round earphone, designed and constructed to resist the heavy demand that earphones are subjected to when used daily. The earphone capsules are made of a composite material that is often used in the military aircraft industry on account of its superior resistance and durability in relation to its weight.

Nano format

NERO-TX is one of the market’s absolutely tiniest completely wireless earphones. Despite its extremely compact format, the model still has a battery time of a complete +5 hours thanks to its advanced digital technology and high-efficiency batteries. The lack of cables in combination with the nano format means that you almost forget that you are wearing a pair of earphones.

Multi-functional buttons

NERO-TX gives you full control over your smartphone’s functions. By clicking once, twice or three times on the buttons, you can easily adjust the volume, change track, answer/end a conversation, play/pause music.

Thanks to the built-in microphones, you can use the earphones as a headset for a voice call conversation. You can easily answer or end a conversation with the simple press of a button. With NERO-TX, you can also activate and communicate with the telephone’s voice assistant, for e.g. Google Assistant™, Siri™.

NERO-TX – Powerful sound 

Despite its extremely compact format, the sound reproduction of NERO-TX is still strong and dynamic. Its characteristics are completely in accordance with our test-winning sound design and thanks to the high-performance batteries, there is lots of power to run the native 8 mm speakers, SBS8Dv.1. If you like to listen with the volume up, it has the power!

Included accessories
  • 3 pair ear tips in different sizes for an individual fit
  • Powermag© charging case
  • Charging cable Micro USB
  • Manual
Technical specifications

Proprietary 8mm dynamic. SBS8Dv1

Frequency response
16Hz – 22KHz

24 Ohm

97dB @ 1Khz

Proprieatary  with digital MEMS technology


Charging port input on Powermag©
Micro USB

Charging port output on Powermag©

Weight earphone
3.8 gram per earpiece