Bryston BCD3 CD-speler

€ 5.150,00

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When asked why we bother to produce a stand alone CD player in this modern era of high resolution music and streaming, I am reminded of several reasons. First is that so many of us have massive CD collections that are as capable of sparking joy today as they were years ago when first purchased. CDs can sound unbelievably good--a testament to their ability to continue to out sell digital downloads. Finally remember that for so many music lovers, learning a new digital playback method simply gets in the way of enjoying music. If any of these resonate with you, perhaps the BCD-3 will be the last CD player you'll ever need.

The Absolute Sound

"I began this review process wondering if a player like the BCD-3 is even relevant in today’s digital world. I discovered, to my surprise, that it is. My next discovery was just how good the BCD-3 sounds, and how much of an improvement it represents over even excellent last-generation CD players. Then, the Bryston went toe-to-toe with one of the best CD players available—without embarrassing itself in the least...Put this together and you really do have what could be your last CD player. The BCD-3’s single-minded design and functionality delivers CD performance that doesn’t come along every day. And, as we’ve seen with the BCD-1, there’s no guarantee such a player will be here tomorrow. If I were choosing a CD player that wouldn’t break the bank but was unflinching in its musical and sonic generosity, the BCD-3 would be at the top of my list."