Verkocht!!! Finale Audio Vivace

€ 2.950,00 € 1.550,00
Verkocht!!! Finale Audio Vivace

Dit betreft een demo luidspreker nieuw €2950,-. Dit is een hoogrendement 92 dB luidspreker voor mensen die een buizenversterker hebben of een solidstate versterker met niet al te veel vermogen. Laat je niet mislijden door de grootte van deze luidspreker. Klinkt daadwerkelijk groots. Ook wordt er vaak gevraagd bij een demostratie of er nog een sub-woofer meespeelt, echter dat komt allemaal uit deze luidspreker. Zie review.
• In-room frequency response: 50 to 20,000 Hz
• Continuous power handling (peak watts RMS): 40 watts
• Sensitivity: 92 dB @ 2,83 V
• Nominal impedance (ohms): 16 ohms
• Driver unit: 2.75 inch, Full-Range(Made in Italy)
• Cabinet construction: Laminated HDF - double stacked, damped, heavily braced, port tube - solid wood Cabinet design: Compression chamber, coupled to a backring folded horn
• Finish: Satin White or Black
• Cabinet size: H: 32.5 in. / 82.55 cm (with spikes) W: 7 in. / 17.78 cm D: 13 in. / 33.02 cm Weight: 26 lbs / 11.8 kg
• Country of origin: Designed and made in CANADA

"That image specificity is one of the Mini's greatest strengths. It will paint the size and contour of a solo cellist with utmost precision. Even on large orchestral pieces where you'd expect a 3" driver to lose its composure, everything is clearly defined and in its rightful place, just not with the scale and physical presence larger speakers can achieve. But that really is no surprise. Imaging does get influenced by placement but the Minis are very flexible. They easily accommodate from very wide placement with strong toe-in to much narrower positioning with little toe-in. The key is to experiment with that toe-in factor. It will determine whether the centre stage fills up as well as influence treble extension. Speaking of the extremes of the musical range, the lower treble is surprisingly lively and gives a lot of its character to the speaker. You can hear it in string pizzicatos, guitars and the initial impact of percussion. The dynamic capability of these Minis in the lower treble where a lot of the meaningful transients happen, will surprise you." by Mr Frederic Beudot of 6moons.