Audiolab 8300A geintegreerde versterker

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Brilliance evolved

The 8300A’s circuit design delivers all-new sound quality. The soundstage it produces is deeper and broader, with greater space and separation within. Instrument and voices are better defined, their character is vividly portrayed. Dynamic range is greater and frequency response is further extended, with greater bass definition and treble that is both crisper and sweeter. In short, it delivers an open window on the music being played, as all great HiFi should, engaging the listener with natural, unforced energy that is fully reflective of the source material.


Versatile High End Integrated Amplifier

At this amplifier’s heart is a powerful dual-mono amplifier delivering 75W per channel into eight ohms. CFB or ‘Complementary Feedback’ topology offers superior linearity and ensures excellent thermal stability.

ACD or ‘Active Current Drive’ means current limiting is under microprocessor control, programmed to allow the amplifier to supply high currents into complex loads, on par with amplifiers that are bigger and more powerful on paper.

8300A Specifications

General description

Integrated AmplifierDesign philosophy and core technologyDual Mono Power Amp Design

Display OLED 128x64 pixels 2.7"Controls

Logarithmic Ladder Volume Design

Finish Fine Textured Aluminium (Black / Silver)

Standby Features Yes

12V Trigger Yes

Phono Yes (MM/MC)

Balanced XLR Input Yes

Pre-amplifier Section 

Inputs CD, Video, Tuner, Aux 1, Aux 2, XLR (Balanced) & Phono

Outputs 2 x RCA

Input sensitivity (Phono RIAA ) 50K // 100pF

Input impedance (line inputs) 50K // 100pF

Input impedance (phono inputs) 47K // 100pF (MM), 100R // 1.5nF (MC)Output voltage2.3V max. (< 0.02% THD)

Output impedance 120Ω

Frequency response (Line)+/- 0.1dB (10Hz - 20kHz)+/- 3.0dB (1Hz - 100kHz)

Frequency response (Phono RIAA)+/- 1.0dB (20Hz - 20kHz)

Channel Imbalance< 0.2dB (10Hz - 20kHz)

Total harmonic distortion (THD) Line<0.001%

Total harmonic distortion (THD) Phono<0.002%

Signal-to-noise ratio (Line)> 107dB>109dB(A-weighted)

Signal-to-noise ratio Phono (MM)> 73dB> 78dB(A-weighted)

Signal-to-noise ratio Phono (MC)> 68dB> 73dB(A-weighted)

Crosstalk< 80dB (L-> R & R->L @10kHz)

Power amplifier Section

Gain29dB (20Hz-20kHz)

Input Sensitivity840mV (Power Out = 70W into 8Ω)

Input impedance15K // 100pFRated max power output THD < 1%2 x 75W RMS (8Ω) , 2 x 115W (4Ω)(Vmains = 230V , THD < 1%)

Peak output current+/- 15AFrequency response+/- 0.1dB (10Hz – 20kHz)+/- 3.0dB (1Hz – 100kHz)

Channel Imbalance< 0.2dB (10Hz – 20kHz)Total harmonic distortion (THD)<0.002% (Power Out= 50W @ 1kHz, BW = 20Hz – 20kHz)Signal-to-noise ratio> 107dB (BW = 20 – 20kHz )>109dB(A-weighted BW = 20 – 20kHz)

Damping factor>100 (8Ω Load @ 1kHz)

Inputs1 x RCAOutputs

Speaker Binding Post Terminals

Dimensions80 x 444 x 330.3mm

Net weight7.8kg