Nuprime AMG STA stereo eindversterker

€ 1.595,00

Deze klasse D versterker klink zo analoog dat je tijdens het luisteren je niet meer afvraagt kan klasse D versterkers wel muzikaal klinken. Het antwoord is ja, dit is ook het typische van Nuprime. Klasse D versterking maar met alle het mooie van een goede analogeversterker. Samen met de Nuprime AMG PRA is het een team wat moeilijk is te verslaan zeker in deze prijsklasse.

The AMG STA comprises of several state-of-the-art innovations in power amp design. Its class-leading features include 1M Ohm input impedance, high instantaneous current for power delivery, 700kHz switching frequency, and Single-Ended Non-Negative Class A module coupled with Double Feedback Class D module for 300W mono amp power.

The AMG series front panel embodies its spirit. It is milled from a 15mm harden aerospace aluminum alloy using a four-axis CNC machine with a diamond cutter through a 48 steps process. Design elements such as the 3D “floating” logo, the curved surface around the front panel switch, and diamond-cut edge bring the quality of ultra-high-end audio products to the affordable range of the AMG series.

AMG STA PCB integrates ground wire shielding to isolate external interference. The 300 Mhz bandwidth JFET provides ultra-high input impedance and wide-band fast response. The dynamics of the design and the single-ended Class A circuit enriches the natural second harmonic.

This design allows the most delicate details in the audio signal to carry through the chain. The level of transparency in sound reproduction is genuinely astonishing in this class of equipment, with a deft in creating a highly detailed sonic imagery.

The AMG-STA uses the “Single-Ended, Non-Negative Feedback” Class-A module partners with a new “Double feedback” Class D circuitry. The Class D oscillating frequency has increased to 700kHz, which is 1.4 times that of the STA-9.

Power Circuit

The power supply uses a 380W special winding power transformer, which has 30% more peak power output of a similar volume transformer.

The AC power input from the Inlet Connector to the power transformer utilizes a high current welding line to provide maximum power transmission.

Besides, high-frequency 3rd-order AC power filter reduces external noise.

A 20A lock wire terminal block connects the transformer to the motherboard, in parallel with two10A peak current rectifiers.

The main current path, adopting a large-capacity current design, uses a low-impedance copper plate to maximize power delivery to the amplifier circuits.

With improvements to every area, the bar has been raised for what is achievable with audio performance in small form factor. Strong hints of the Evolution sound, such as the rich, natural details, and the smooth, inviting sound, can be heard through the AMG-STA. High-frequency extension and Low-frequency dynamic speed are much improved from the STA-9.